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Professional Home Inspector Training by Gary Rose - CMI CGLI

Home Inspector Training, exam proctoring, test inspections & peer reviews.

Are you currently, or thinking of becoming a Home Inspector within Alberta? If so, and you're unsure of which way to turn then consider the following, it is by far the cheapest & easiest way to become a Home Inspector within the province of Alberta.

Once you become a member of InterNACHI, all the study material & education to become a fully licensed professional Home Inspector in the province of Alberta, is provided online by InterNACHI - its FREE, and second to none!

For those that have a construction background, the feedback from various people that have taken exams, & have completed a test inspection & peer review, have found InterNACHI's study material to be very professional, educational, concise and well structured.

For those that have no construction background, the feedback is mixed and studying takes a little longer. That said, everything you need to become a Home Inspector is well covered with in InterNACHI's course material - and its FREE to members!

All that said, & depending on your background & input, and how well you retain information, you can study at your leisure - no classroom or peer pressure, or with experience you can fast track yourself & people have been known to complete the entire course within 6 to 8 weeks - easily!

Having completed the course, but never having completed a Home Inspection before, you now need to arrange final exams, test inspection & peer review, & this is what most students find daunting & unnerving. Even with a construction background lots of students become nervous when the time comes to remove the cover from your first electrical panel & examine the components & test properly - there's much more to a proper electrical inspection than just standing there and shining your torch on the breakers! The same can be said with the heating system, structure, roof, siding & sump pumps etc.. contrary to popular belief, you NEVER ever, test a sump pump by pressing down or lifting the float!

This is where the following Home Inspection 1 to 1 training comes into play, you can incorporate it with your study or just call to arrange the training - whichever you prefer.

Consider the following for onsite training:

01/. One to one training with actual onsite training - not a classroom setting where your training time
       that you have paid for is shared with other students.
02/. Learn about Thermography, experience & use our Thermal Imaging cameras.
03/. Proper training & understanding in electrical testing & inspection from a certified electrician.
04/. Proper training & understanding in heating systems by a certified Heating engineer.
05/. Proper training & understanding of building components & the role they play.
06/. Proper training & understanding of plumbing - how to test & warning signs to look for.
07/. Proper training & understanding of Sump pumps.
08/. Proper training & understanding of roofs, siding & guttering - signs to look for etc...
09/. Test inspection & Peer review fees included.
10/. How to write a clear & concise professional Home Inspection Report.
11/. Learn about Home Inspection contracts - clauses etc...
12/. Learn about Home Inspection reporting software - what to use, altering menus, adding
       components etc..
13/. Home Inspection advice for life & aftercare included in the price.
14/. We can literally save you anything from $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 on E & O Insurance and surety
       bonds! Trust me, there's one insurance in particular that will take full advantage of you being
       new to the Home Inspection industry!

Just that information & saving alone as paid for your training!

I have over 35 years experience in the residential, commercial, electrical, gas heating & Home Inspection industry, & with the above 1 to 1 training & InterNACHI's education, you will have a much better understanding of components, what they are, what they do, & the role they play. You'll also learn warning signs to watch out for - trade tips etc... all the information that's not in study material.

With 1 to 1 hands on training, you do not have to worry or have that awkwardness of asking those embarrassing questions, things you've always wanted to know about Home Inspection, but were too afraid to ask in front of others!

With our 1 to 1 training, you'll also be in a much better position to answer, fluently & without hesitation - all the questions a client or Realtor may ask you, creating a professional image in the process - instead of guess work!

Based on InterNACHI's study material, and the above hands on - 1 2 1 Home Inspector training, you'll now be in a position to carry out a full and proper Home Inspection, and provide your perspective clients with a detailed report & the professional service they deserve!

The benefits of becoming a member of InterNACHI are endless, here are just a few examples but not limited to:

Free education and study material.
Free design & logo service.
Free continuing education
Business & Marketing - online & free for members.

Sign up and become a member today for just $49.00 per month by clicking this link, this will give you access to your 202 hour Alberta Home Inspection training course FREE!

The costs involved to become a Home Inspector can vary greatly, depending on your input & time.

However, the following costs include all the above training (deposit required ) as listed, 1 through to 14:

Total cost $2,199.99 -
(less $500.00 non-refundable deposit - see 'Terms & Conditions'  - below)

& assuming you complete the InterNACHI study material within a 3 month term - this would
amount to:

Total cost $149.47 [US]

If you complete InterNACHI's course in excess of 3 months just add $49.00 + GST (US) for each month to the above study material cost - our onsite training cost is fixed!

Compare this method with other Home Inspector schemes, 52 plus hours in class but you still need to study another 150 hours at home online!

This method is by far the cheapest, easiest, quickest, most beneficial & financially lucrative way to become a Home Inspector within Alberta!

Why pay thousands more in training material and courses when you can join InterNACHI & they're FREE, for exactly the same material?

Remember, this is one to one training too so you have our 100% attention all day long - not shared or divided time!

Compare this method, in 'detail'  with any other Home Inspection training method on the market and you'll see its by far the easiest and cheapest method for the exact same material.

Having obtained your Home Inspectors licence, you can save thousands by studying InterNACHI's Thermography, Indoor air quality & mould courses, advanced courses in all aspects of Home Inspection, all FREE to InterNACHI members - online education - why pay hundreds more for nothing more than a binder?

Should you have any questions regarding any aspect of the above training, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you wish to book for training then please call 403-404-1514 with your InterNACHI membership details.

Terms & Conditions:

1/. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required & deducted from the total above cost of $2,299.99
     to secure training & starts the process. The deposit payment is your confirmation and instruction
     from you to Sherlock Homes Inspectors that you - 'The Student' agree to these terms & conditions
     & wish to proceed with training, final exams & peer review.

2/. If a test or exam is not passed, there is a retest fee - unless taken the same day.

3/. We require at least 48 hours 'written notice' with an acknowledged reply from us' to postpone
     exam/s, peer review or training appointments to avoid additional fees being charged. We
     understand peoples schedules change, but whilst whilst training is in process, exams or peer
     reviews - Home Inspections are scheduled accordingly based on your requirements which incurs
     huge costs to us for failing to notify of appointment charge or a no-show. All we ask is you notify
     us accordingly within the stated timeframe.


Should you have any questions or concerns with regards to any of the above please do not hesitate to

contact me.






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