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The importance of thermal imaging during a Home Inspection cannot be overemphasised! We have years of experience & certification in commercial, residential, electrical and construction thermography.

Thermal imaging is included in all of our Home Inspections and we have invested heavily in the most up to date & state of the art technology, using IR fusion and Optiflex technology. This enables us to detect leaks from hot & cold water supplies, damp, duct drafts, electrical faults & overloading of circuits, the list and capabilities of this thermal technology is endless.

For a more detailed and technical explanation, click here: Thermography

The following images are photos taken from actual inspections, which clearly show the benefits of Infrared thermography and what it can reveal during an inspection - which you would not see with the naked eye!


A $4,000.00 plus - saving!

This is a perfect example of how years of experience, proper certification & our 'state of the art' equipment can save our client's literally thousands of dollars during a Home Inspection.

Right Image - This is a normal view of a basement hallway.

Left Image - This shows the same basement hallway through a thermal camera which shows
the heated floor coils working. The blue patch on the right is the carpet damp, which was water leaking from a cracked Armarite shower tray on the other side of the drywall, something we also found after testing the shower system during our inspection.

Based on these findings and our extensive inspection reporting system, our client was able to renegotiate a substantial discount on the sale price, in excess of $4,000.00 after we advised our client & their chosen contractor was required in order to rectify this situation.

Our clients were first time buyers and inexperienced with regards to construction repairs etc.. so we offered to inspect the repairs (free of charge) upon completion of the work.

Once notified by the contractor that the work was complete, we, along with the clients and the Realtor present, inspected and fully tested the shower system for almost 2 hours and were happy to inform our clients that the repairs were satisfactory, carried out to a high standard and more importantly - to code!


Missing Insulation

Right image - This shows a normal view of a lounge ceiling area.

Left Image - This shows the same area through a thermal imaging camera highlighting a section of insulation missing.


To give you an example, the two glasses above are equally filled with water, one with hot water and the other with cold. Note the temperature differences and the effects the images give in relation to what you actually see using a thermal camera?











Here is an example of a dangerous potential fire hazard, discovered in an electrical panel during one of our home inspections using our state of the art Thermal camera.

The problem here was, a 120 V - 15 A / S-P Arc fault breaker feeding a bedroom had a loose connection which melted the cable insulation, didn't trip, which in turn melted the Bakelite housing on the breaker and so it had to be replaced.



A newly constructed house, less than 3 months old, when this damp patch was discovered due to the garage roof leaking.




The same property with moisture behind the Hardy siding on the garage wall



This is the inside of the garage wall in the exact spot where the moisture was discovered on the previous images.

Note the water on top of the vapour barrier, there was actually water droplets seeping through the base of the drywall and onto the garage floor.












These are actual slow leaks that developed over a period of time on a dinning room ceiling



















The image on the left shows the hidden moisture within a kitchen ceiling, which was a direct result of the poorly tiled shower cubicle directly above.

The image on the right shows the effects of having too higher wattage bulbs in the holders, and the fitting being installed too close to the ceiling. The bulbs were 100 watts each, which left three burn marks on the ceiling.












As a result of a poorly fitted door and frame by the original builder, this had been leaking for close on 15 years, and literally rotted the door, frame, floor, rim joist & I beam.


Without the use of thermal imaging, it is highly unlikely that any of these issues would have been discovered.

As in the case of the electrical issue, everything would look normal as in the image on the left. If this had not been detected during the inspection, then the circuit would have failed completely, or worse, a fire!

Should you require a full in depth electrical inspection of your property, especially if the the property or the wiring is more than 20 years old, which combines Thermography and a 5 to 7 page report purely on the electrical system of your home, then please see our electrical inspection page for full details.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

G M Rose - CMI





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